My First Blog Post

I have noticed a subtle shift in my positioning. Whilst not earth shattering from a development perspective, the rationale behind it is a significant for my career, and ultimately for personal life, so I wanted to start blogging the journey.

Firstly, the reason I started with Dynamics AX and grew to leading a Dynamics Practice is because I am driven by the challenge of creating excellence within businesses (mirco and macro), I want the best result possible and would do anything to achieve this. I’m a believer in doing the right thing, no excuses – excellence.

This has led me to now, excellence is at the centre of everything I do, and have always done, particularly when it comes to dealing with team mates and clients. I place a laser sharp priority on my company and client’s successes, as if it was my money being spent.

Reflecting on my now, it’s no coincidence that success, teamwork and leadership (which I belives is multi-directional) and learning are in my core commitments, which directly influences my conduct and how I deliver to my environment.

Given the above, my alignment to being a conusltant of excellence, where I focus on applying robust and disciplined frameworks and methodologies to drive success with my team and client’s most important initiatives and projects.

My offerings include digital excellence and delivery excellence frameworks, excellence leadership, and associated consultancy excellence. In other words I can teach you to hunt, hunt with you, or do the hunting for you, or any combination that makes sense to deliver a valued solution.

I hope you found this explanation worth your time reading, and if you would like to discuss the benefits of a digital excellence culture within your career, team or organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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