PowerApps – Abstract thinking – Dynamics 365 and the opportunity, surprisingly general

With the announcement of the Dynamics 365 legacy interface being deprecated. 80% of Microsoft Customer Engagement clients are embracing the new Unified Interface, leaving the question of what opportunities do the remaining 20% have?

Most ideas are either general, or surprising. The most treasured insights are both general and surprising, however rarely are they realised in unison. Those ideas which with both elements tend to be picked clean, precisely because those insights are so valuable.

From the many conversations I have been part of, the best that people can do is one without the other: either surprising without being general (i.e. gossip), or general without being surprising (i.e. clichés).

The moderately valuable insights are where it gets interesting. You get those from small additions of whichever quality was missing. My most common case is a small addition of simplification: a piece of gossip that’s more than just gossip, because it teaches something interesting about the world (stay with me, this leads somewhere). But another less common approach is to focus on the most general ideas (common in our daily consumption of information) and see if you can find something new to say about them. Because these start out so general, you only need a small delta of innovation to produce a useful insight.

A small delta of innovation is all you’ll be able to get most of the time. Which means if pursue this path, your ideas will seem like ones that already exist. Often, I find I only rediscover an idea that did already exist. However, I am resilient. Ideas bring ideas.

I often feel bad when I find and converse an idea to something close to what is already in the Microsoft community, as if I were plagiarizing someone elses thoughts and ideas. But rationally I shouldn’t. The same idea will not be the exactly the same way the second time, and that variation increases the chance you’ll get that tiny but critical delta of innovation.

Ideas bring ideas. An idea with a small amount of innovation could lead to one with more. Why stop conversing ideas, I made the decision a long time ago to keep going. As a result, I will share an idea, and not be discouraged as when talking about general ideas, the real achievement is the idea itself…

Can you enhance your Customer Engagement Solution, reduce the cost of ownership and elevate your Microsoft experience by replacing functionality of the Unified Interface with PowerApps?  

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