Dynamics 365 – Snippet – the new PowerApps Portals licensing

To build responsive websites that connect organisations with the external world, why not use low-code tools – PowerApps Portals.

By providing users with the ability to create a new portal app that can be accessed by internal, external, or by authenticating external users with LinkedIn, Microsoft and local login accounts and many other identity providers. As part of the new PowerApps per user and pre app plans, Portals are included.

PowerApps Portals will be licensed per the following:

  • External users (authenticated) will be $200 for 100 logins/month.
  • External users (anonymous) will be $100 for 100,000 web page views/month.
  • Internal users are able to access portals using a PowerApps per app or per user plan as per above.

PowerApps Portals can be provisioned without requiring a specific license. User access licensing is based on persona type and details are as below.

No alt text provided for this image

Think of a login as a “24 hour pass” to a portal. Once logged in to a portal, subsequent logins (potentially from different devices) during the 24-hour period will not be billable. Logins are specific to a single portal. So if you access multiple portals belonging to same tenant, it will be counted one login per portal.

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