Snippet: Dynamics 365 Business Central Licensing and Pricing

Paul Taylor / Getty Images

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an essential application for small to medium sized enterprises, which has multiple functionalities; operations, finance, project management and sales.

Many businesses who I have engaged with have found the licensing and pricing a minefield.


This blog is to enlighten on the provisioning licences for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


When it comes to purchasing licences, there are two options available:

  • Subscription – means you pay per user every month, which includes the compulsory annual maintenance fee for Microsoft. You will have access to future versions as you continue to go down through this option. This option is flexible; whether you’d like to increase or reduce the number of users.
  • Perpetual – means you have purchased the license and you own the software or solution forever. You will be responsible to pay for annual maintenance fee (acknowledged as ‘Business Ready Enhancement Plan’ (BREP)), and you are able to access the latest versions. Stop paying for the annual maintenance fee, and you will not be able to amend the license, for example increase or reduce users.


Choose your route to host your solution. Choices:

  • Private Cloud
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) Cloud
  • On-premise.

The subscription option offers the Microsoft SaaS (Software as a Service / Public Cloud). This is great value, the hosting cost is included in the user subscription price. Added value comes in the form of having no access to SQL (Structured Query Language), which means any developments being done as extensions.

NAV to BC Upgrades

If you have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 or under, the latest license you can upgrade to is Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. If you want to go beyond NAV 2009 R2, your only option is to get a license with Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you are currently on NAV 2013 or later versions, you can upgrade up to NAV 2018.

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