Dynamics 365 – Accelerators – Ronseal, does exactly what is says on the tin

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Delivering a Dynamics 365 implementation presents many requirements to achieve the project success criteria; commonly time, cost, quality. Common consideration is to consider accelerators (notable mention to add-on products).

Accelerators: Ronseal, does exactly what is says on the tin. Accelerators provide a data model and sample apps allowing easily built applications, workflows, and processes and go to market quickly with solutions. An accelerator accelerates the project; delivery 60-90% of the requirements. The remaining requirements is there to be configured or customised.

It can assist with day-to-day operations or act as a stand-alone data model for developers. The model provides a shared and consistent metadata definition for common entities, allowing customers and partners to build on the same data model. This common schema allows for new interoperability and improved processes and insights.

The accelerator contains installable solutions that include standard entity attribute extensions, entities, pre-built dashboards, sample data, sample apps, plus other tools to help customers and partners build and deploy new solutions. Accelerators also come with a range of functionality across multiple industries. The main area for consideration is the core data model. Features become a priority if you are comparing two similar accelerators with the same data model.

With everything said, the biggest question which should be asked: Does the data model align with the business?

Notable mention: Add-on Product: Dynamics’ secret weapon, third-party applications. The flexible nature of Dynamics solutions has given way to a healthy marketplace of software creators, who build and sell Microsoft Dynamics add-ons which integrate with products in order to fill these gaps, and enhance the solutions’ overall functionality. These are pre-canned and ready to go, updated by the development owner.

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