Dynamics 365 – Unified Client Interface, opt in or out

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As announced in late 2019, Microsoft will be deprecating the classic web interface in October 2020. A compulsory move to the Unified Client Interface (UCI from Microsoft. Organisations will need to be fully transitioned by October 2020 and ensuring that the Dynamics 365 environment is prepared, designed correctly and fully tested (QA).

To facilitate the transition and allow for the right amount of readiness, below details how to approve or reschedule (opt in or out) the conversion to the Unified Client Interface. 

How to Approve or Reschedule

Log in to Unified Interface scheduling portal with the required tenant username and password. Permissions requested screen will open, that applies to the Run One UI Application. Select <Accept>.

Next, validate your Profile, which displays information Microsoft has on file for you, including to which Tenant you’re mapped.

Select the environments that will need to be transitioned. (Target Date will already be set. As shown in the screenshot above and below. There are two options, select <Approve Transition Date> to confirm the Target Date will work, in which case the date of change is confirmed, alternatively select <Schedule Transition Date>.

When opting for latter, additional information is required:

  • Select the new Preferred Date from the list of available dates.
  • Select a Reason for the change request:
  • Blocking Issue Found
  • Planning and Testing in Progress
  • Date Conflict with Business
  • Awaiting Add-on Solution
  • Other
  • Provide Additional Justification

Once complete, Microsoft will review the request. If approved by Microsoft, select <Approve Transition Date> to confirm. Once approved, it is all set for the transition.

Further guidance, please check out the Unified Interface Community Site

Here are help and support materials including videos, articles, and documentation to help plan and manage the transition.

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